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For Owners

All dog owners want the best for their dog, after all, they are our family members!

Everyone asks themselves are they doing the right thing for their dog, especially if things are not going as planned with your pet’s health.

Here are some of the many questions we will all be asking ourselves as some point in our pet’s life:-

  • Is there anything else I could be doing to help improve my pets quality of life?
  • What are the benefits of physiotherapy?
  • Is my dog in pain?
  • Is surgery the only option?
  • Will long term medication cause further health problems with my pet?

We Can Help !

Elderly Dogs

Our veterinary physiotherapists create bespoke programmes for your elderly pet to help restore and maintain function. Our underwater treadmill is a safe, low impact form of exercise to help build and maintain muscle whilst taking the impact off the joints. Our team will show you ways to manage your dog at home plus exercises you can do to aid his mobility. 


Working with your veterinary surgeon, our veterinary physiotherapists will create a personalised programme, which will include the treatment modalities we use in clinic, plus a comprehensive home management plan.

Pet Weight Loss

Research shows that a combination of intensive physiotherapy and a balanced, controlled diet is the most effective way for dogs to lose weight. Our veterinary physiotherapists can create a bespoke weight loss exercise plan for your pet. For very overweight pets, we can use hydrotherapy to help your pet lose weight without overloading the joints.

Canine Athletes

We can create a tailored strength and conditioning programme to ensure your dog is in peak physical condition. We can teach how to manage your dog in order to improve performance, prevent injuries, and maintain a happy athlete!

An Alternative Approach to Surgery or Medication  

There are some circumstances when surgery and / or long term medication might not be a viable option for some owners and their pets. Veterinary physiotherapy can help in a lot of these cases. We are happy to discuss with you and your vet whether this may be appropriate for your animal.