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Our team of qualified Veterinary Physiotherapists create personalised programmes for each patient.
Veterinary Physiotherapy can benefit animals of all ages, breeds, and job roles. From an elderly arthritic Labrador to a Dachshund post-IVDD surgery. Even top working/ agility dogs can benefit from physiotherapy to improve performance.

The purpose of any treatment is to restore and maintain mobility, function, and strength, whilst reducing pain.

Conditions that would benefit:-

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
  • Spondylosis & DM
  • Patella Luxation
  • Cranial cruciate ligament disease / rupture
  • Pre & Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Neurological/ Spinal conditions - IVDD
  • Weight/obesity management
  • Fractures

Please note, we require veterinary consent in order to treat your animal for any medical condition. Don’t worry – we will arrange this for you, please fill in the enquiry form, or give us a call.

Every Veterinary Physiotherapy programme will consist of a range of carefully selected modalities best suited to your pet’s needs.

At Your Appointment

We will take a full history of your animal at your initial assessment. Then each time you visit us, we will chat with you for an update. Your animal will receive a static and dynamic assessment, and the vet physio will palpate your animal to assess for pain, restriction and any signs of inflammation. They will then treat your pet based on these findings. There are a number of modalities we can utilise:

Remedial Exercise Prescription

Carefully selected exercises will be given to each patient which target the affected joints and muscles. Each exercise will be demonstrated and explained so the owner is comfortable and confident to carry them out at home. We will review this plan regularly, and discuss this with you each step of the way.

Manual Therapies

This includes massage, stretches and joint mobilisations. Massage and stretching has been shown to improve extensibility of muscles and reduce pain. Moving the joint through a full passive range of motion can help maintain joint health.

Hydrotherapy – Underwater Treadmill 

Hydrotherapy is a reduced weight bearing treatment commonly incorporated into physiotherapy programs for rehabilitation of many conditions. It is great for building muscle, reducing pain and encouraging great range of motion through joints. It is useful for managing obesity, and increasing cardiovascular fitness. For dogs who have had spinal surgery, especially IVDD, it is essential for re programming central pattern generators (teaching dogs to walk again). 

Electrophysical agents

veterinary physiotherapists complete training in the mechanisms of action and effects at a cellular level for multiple electrophysical agents (EPA’s) such as LASER, pulsed magnetic field therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, shockwave, TENS, NMES and radiofrequency to name a few. Our level of education and understanding of tissue healing allows us to select the most appropriate modality for your pet. At The Elms, we are fortunate to have a range of modalities to choose from, so we can select the best combination for your dog.


We are proud to work with Wimba, a leading veterinary orthotics company, who produce lightweight (25% of the weight of traditional) carpal, tarsal and stifle orthotics. We have the equipment to be able to scan and order a bespoke orthotic for your animal. Speak to us for more info.