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Terms & Conditions

T&C’s: In booking an appointment you agree to these terms and conditions, and you confirm that you are the legal owner / carer of the animal referred for treatment and that all information provided on the consent form is correct. Whilst every care is taken of the animal undergoing treatment, all animals receive treatment at their owner’s risk. The physiotherapist is fully insured. If you are aware of a behavioural reason why treatment of your animal poses a risk to our staff, you are required to declare this in advance. Payment for services is due on the day of the treatment at the latest, by cash or immediate bank transfer. We are able to supply invoices for insurance claims purposes / your records, but payment terms remain the same. We cannot facilitate direct claims. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for cancellations otherwise the session fee will be charged in full. Cancellations between 24-48hrs notice will be charged at 50%, and no discounts will be applicable. If your animal has an infectious/contagious condition or fresh open wound you are required to inform us with at least 24 hours’ notice and reschedule your appointment. Your animal must have been free from clinical signs of sickness for 48 hours before commencing a treatment. Owners are required to notify The Elms if, during a course of treatments, the animal’s condition worsens, or if the veterinary surgeon advises that the treatment is to be stopped or suspended.

We kindly request that you have your animal as clean and dry as possible and that your animal has been toileted prior to treatment. A cleaning charge of £50 may be applied if an animal defecates in the water treadmill.

The Elms reserves the right to refuse treatment to any animal.

The Elms Rehab reserves the right to use video footage/photographs taken during sessions for marketing purposes, please tell us if you would like to opt out.

Animals will usually require a minimum of 48 hours off physical activity so please be mindful of this when booking an appointment.